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Revision as of 00:53, 23 April 2011 by Maxim (talk | contribs) (Submitted by developer / committer)

This page contains the revisions to be merged from trunk to the Lazarus 0.9.30 fixes branch.

Merge revisions from trunk

Submitted by developer / committer

  • r29551 - Examples, listview: fixed to use TPageControl. While at it, also got rid of .lrs resource.
    • Is this example broken in 0.9.29? Running the example seems to work. TNotebook wasn't removed in 0.9.29, but only in 0.9.31. Vincent 21:27, 15 February 2011 (CET)
      • You are right, it is not broken in 0.9.29, so feel free not to merge it if you decide so. The changes are pretty simple and straightforward, though. Maxim 21:44, 15 February 2011 (CET)
  • r29569 - Qt: TToggleBox fixed messages delivery to LCL. issue #18757. @Vincent - if it's too late just remove this revision (but would be nice to have in 0.9.30 :) )
  • r29573 fix
  • r29735 Qt: Prevent assigning a negative value to a Word, cought by range-check. issue #18876.
  • r29737,29738 Qt: proper paint of TQtCustomControl viewport, fixed wheel events passing for qt < 4.7. issue #18880.
  • r29836 Qt: fixed bug in TQtCalendar, where mouse move,enter and leave weren't propagated to LCL.
  • r29917 fix cell clicking on unexpected mouseup after closing opendialog (windows) as requested by Maxim, --jesusrmx 20:49, 19 March 2011 (CET)
  • r30068,r30072 Qt: fixed wrong positioning of controls inside TScrollBox when scrollbox is scrolled. issue #18993
  • r30004: (bug-fix) SynEdit: highlighter fix
  • r30008, *r30009: (refactor) (both revisions are one change) SynEdit: refactor default beautifier: this may be skipped for fixes branch, this introduces a very minor compatibility change
  • r30020: (bug-fix) Converter: Disabling a function replacement category was not respected.
  • r30070: (bug-fix) IDE-Editor-Options: fix disable/enable comboboxes for highlight frame type
  • r30071: (feature) SynEdit: prevent selection from accidental mouse-jitter on click
  • r30073: (optimization) SynEdit, Syncro-Edit: skip events, if not active
  • r30101: (bug-fix) Set Popupmenu.PopupComponent [|issue 19033]
  • r30134: (bug-fix) Clear pixmap contents of empty mask. The contents of a new pixmaps is undefined
  • r30135: (bug-fix) When a maskhandle of a bitmap is set, update the masked property too
  • r30096: (bug-fix) SynEdit: fix dangling pchar to de-allocated strings in some Highlighters
  • r30128: Converter: add the user selected path also to project's include path.
  • r30138: Qt: fixed bug when control doesn't have csCaptureMouse, but mouse coord is higher than width or height of control.
  • r30150: (bug-fix_ Debugger: fixed crash, when deleting watches while they got updated
  • r30153,r30172: Qt: fixed tabcontrol behavior to respect AllowChange param from TPageControl.OnChanging event.
  • r30169: Qt: fixed mouse wheel behaviour in TQtCustomControl for qt < 4.7, now it's same as with qt-4.7
  • r30074, r30087, r30190, r30191 (optimization/bug-fix) SynEdit: "cache char width info", "fix caret auto adjust with tabs", "assert", "fix 30074, replace assert". Fix caret positioning for syncro edit (or multi win) if tabs are present on caret line
  • r30192: (bug-fix) SynEdit: fix home/end key if tabs are present at start/end of line
  • r30247: (bug-fix) Debugger: Fixed assertion

  • r30424: (bug-fix) LCL, TButtonPanel: don't change Enabled property when setting up buttons visibility, bug 19192

Note that some changes below may not merge сleanly. Please ask me if you have trouble resolving conflicts.

  • r29618,29619: Reorder components on the "Chart" palette page so that TChart comes first
  • r29674: Reset current extent after the change to TChart.Extent property
  • r29749: Fix division by zero in TZoomClickTool

  • r29855: Do not draw marks with Visible = false
  • r29938: Fix drawing with AxisVisible = false
  • r29962,29963,29964: Do not reserve space for invisible axis marks, minor axis demo fixes
  • r29973,29989,29990: Fix "unchanged" checks in event assignments: issues #18418, #17373
  • r30186: Redraw chart after axis list change
  • r30187: Fix AV while drawing chart with zero axises

  • r30379: Always reset the extent after EndUpdate in TUserDefinedChartSource

Postponed merge requests

User requested merges