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This page contains the revisions to be merged from trunk to the Lazarus 0.9.30 fixes branch.

Merge revisions from trunk

Submitted by developer / committer

  • r29551 - Examples, listview: fixed to use TPageControl. While at it, also got rid of .lrs resource.
    • Is this example broken in 0.9.29? Running the example seems to work. TNotebook wasn't removed in 0.9.29, but only in 0.9.31. Vincent 21:27, 15 February 2011 (CET)
      • You are right, it is not broken in 0.9.29, so feel free not to merge it if you decide so. The changes are pretty simple and straightforward, though. Maxim 21:44, 15 February 2011 (CET)
  • r29569 - Qt: TToggleBox fixed messages delivery to LCL. issue #18757. @Vincent - if it's too late just remove this revision (but would be nice to have in 0.9.30 :) )
  • r29573 fix
  • r29735 Qt: Prevent assigning a negative value to a Word, cought by range-check. issue #18876.
  • r29737,29738 Qt: proper paint of TQtCustomControl viewport, fixed wheel events passing for qt < 4.7. issue #18880.
  • r29836 Qt: fixed bug in TQtCalendar, where mouse move,enter and leave weren't propagated to LCL.
  • r29917 fix cell clicking on unexpected mouseup after closing opendialog (windows) as requested by Maxim, --jesusrmx 20:49, 19 March 2011 (CET)
  • r30068,r30072 Qt: fixed wrong positioning of controls inside TScrollBox when scrollbox is scrolled. issue #18993
  • r30004: (bug-fix) SynEdit: highlighter fix
  • r30008, *r30009: (refactor) (both revisions are one change) SynEdit: refactor default beautifier: this may be skipped for fixes branch, this introduces a very minor compatibility change
  • r30020: (bug-fix) Converter: Disabling a function replacement category was not respected.
  • r30070: (bug-fix) IDE-Editor-Options: fix disable/enable comboboxes for highlight frame type
  • r30071: (feature) SynEdit: prevent selection from accidental mouse-jitter on click
  • r30073: (optimization) SynEdit, Syncro-Edit: skip events, if not active
  • r30101: (bug-fix) Set Popupmenu.PopupComponent [|issue 19033]
  • r30134: (bug-fix) Clear pixmap contents of empty mask. The contents of a new pixmaps is undefined
  • r30135: (bug-fix) When a maskhandle of a bitmap is set, update the masked property too

  • r30096: (bug-fix) SynEdit: fix dangling pchar to de-allocated strings in some Highlighters
  • r30138: Qt: fixed bug when control doesn't have csCaptureMouse, but mouse coord is higher than width or height of control.
  • r30150: (bug-fix_ Debugger: fixed crash, when deleting watches while they got updated
  • r30153,r30172: Qt: fixed tabcontrol behavior to respect AllowChange param from TPageControl.OnChanging event.
  • r30169: Qt: fixed mouse wheel behaviour in TQtCustomControl for qt < 4.7, now it's same as with qt-4.7

Note that some changes below may not merge сleanly. Please ask me if you have trouble resolving conflicts.

  • r29618,29619: Reorder components on the "Chart" palette page so that TChart comes first
  • r29674: Reset current extent after the change to TChart.Extent property
  • r29749: Fix division by zero in TZoomClickTool

  • r29855: Do not draw marks with Visible = false
  • r29938: Fix drawing with AxisVisible = false
  • r29962,29963,29964: Do not reserve space for invisible axis marks, minor axis demo fixes
  • r29973,29989,29990: Fix "unchanged" checks in event assignments: issues #18418, #17373
  • r30186: Redraw chart after axis list change
  • r30187: Fix AV while drawing chart with zero axises

Postponed merge requests

User requested merges