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(IDE Changes)
(IDE Changes)
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** Added Thread dialog
** Added Thread dialog
** History of Watches and Locals [[http://lazarus-dev.blogspot.com/2011/05/remember-remember-history-of-debugging.html see blog]]
** History of Watches and Locals [[http://lazarus-dev.blogspot.com/2011/05/remember-remember-history-of-debugging.html see blog]]
** Added logging of most of events (Event Log)
*[[Lazarus_IDE_Tools#Parameter_Hints|Parameter Hints]] now have a button to paste the missing parameter names.
*[[Lazarus_IDE_Tools#Parameter_Hints|Parameter Hints]] now have a button to paste the missing parameter names.
*Code Explorer: Filter now deletes nodes, instead of marking.
*Code Explorer: Filter now deletes nodes, instead of marking.

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Lazarus 0.99.0 is not yet released. This page is under construction!


  1. commits: xxx
  2. log: svn log -r xxxx:xxxx
  3. resolved bug tracker issues: xxx

LCL Interfaces major changes

LCL Changes

  • The LCL is now a normal package. It is now automatically recompiled if needed. For example when switching the target platform and you have not yet compiled for this platform. This has no impact on existing projects.
  • The platform independent parts of the LCL are now in the package LCLBase. This has no impact on existing projects.
  • The linker options needed by the LCL are now only added to projects that use the package LCL. Formerly all projects got them. See here.
  • TCustomForm.Create raises an exception if form resource is not found.
  • TNotebook and TPage: The new implementations of these classes have been added.

IDE Changes

  • The old warnings at IDE start for Lazarus directory, compiler and FPC sources were replaced with one dialog. The dialog can be forced to show with the command line parameter --setup.
  • Compiler options: You can now use the project build macros in the search paths, linker and custom options of the project and all packages of the project. See the examples.
  • The package editor and project inspector were improved to better support big packages/projects with hundreds of files: You can now sort, filter and show the directory structure.
  • Packages compiled via Makefile created by the IDE are now recognized by the IDE and only recompiled if something changed.
  • Package general and package compiler options are now using generic IDE options interface.
  • New dialog to clean up build files, including all packages of the project
  • Editor:
    • Codefolding: Folded code remains folded, even if it temporarily becomes part of a comment (due to an open "(*" or "{"). Note: Such folds are not saved in the session, they are once they returned to there normal state, after the closing "*)"/"}" was typed.
    • Codefolding: Ability to hide (fold) the currently selected text. These folds are not saved to the session
  • Debugger
    • Added display format for CPU-Register
    • Added Pascal Source to Disassembler
    • Added Thread dialog
    • History of Watches and Locals [see blog]
    • Added logging of most of events (Event Log)
  • Parameter Hints now have a button to paste the missing parameter names.
  • Code Explorer: Filter now deletes nodes, instead of marking.
  • Code Explorer: New category "Surrounding" allows to quickly jump to interface, implementation and nested procedures.
  • Help for keywords: The chmhelp package can now show help for keywords.
  • startlazarus now supports the --pcp parameter allowing multiple installations of Lazarus.
  • lazbuild can now create/update the Makefile of a package with the new option --create-makefile.
  • lazbuild --build-ide= now builds under Windows lazarus.exe, not lazarus.new.exe
  • Design time only packages are no longer compiled into projects, unless enabled. See here.
  • When creating a new package the option to Add to the uses section of the project is now disabled by default.
  • New macros: PrimaryConfigPath, SecondaryConfigPath, FallbackOutputRoot. See IDE Macros
  • The IDE interface unit projectintf was split into projectintf and compoptsintf. The unit compoptsintf contains the access to the various compiler options of the IDE. The unit packageintf now grants access to the compiler options of packages.



  • Parsing, searching and code completion of class operators and advanced records.
  • Parsing objcclass external syntax.
  • Parsing and class completion of nested classes. Searching is not yet fully implemented.
  • Parsing of class sections type, const, var, class var. Searching is not yet fully implemented.
  • Parsing delphi style generics. Searching in spezialized types is not yet fully implemented.
  • ctnClassType, ctnClassConst, ctnClassVar were removed and replaced with ctnTypeSection, ctnConstSection, ctnVarSection.
  • The class sub sections ctnTypeSection, ctnConstSection, ctnVarSection are now children of the visibility sections.
  • New IDE package for advanced Codetools: Cody.
  • Find declaration: "inherited;"
  • Identifier completion: compiler directives start keywords

Changes affecting compatibility

TCustomForm.Create raises an exception if resource is not found

  • Reason: Each form created by IDE should have a resource so if resource is not found it is something wrong with either a resource or unit which contains this form. Therefore application should inform the developer that form can't function correctly without the resource. This change is also delphi compatible and compatible with TFrame and TDataModule components.
  • Remedy: If you need resource less form you have 3 options:
    • Create a TForm class (not a descendant)
    • Construct your form using CreateNew() constructor.
    • It is also possible to disable the exception by setting the global variable RequireDerivedFormResource to False.

TCompileReason or TLazCompilerOptions not found

  • Reason: The unit projectintf was split. The declarations for the IDE compiler options are now in the unit compoptsintf. The unit packageintf needed access to the compiler options.
  • Remedy: Add unit compoptsintf to the uses section.


removed, see 0.9.30 release notes, use SrcEditorIntf.SourceEditorManagerIntf

SynEdit: Several deprecated methods were removed

removed, use SynEdit.SelectWord
removed, the property was a dummy property for some time with no value. Information can be retrieved via TSynEditMarkupCtrlMouseLink(SynEdit.MarkupByClass[TSynEditMarkupCtrlMouseLink]).IsMouseOverLink
removed, use SynEdit.Gutter.Width
removed, only worked with SynPasSyn. See TSynPasSyn for configuration
removed, use FileLineEndType and FileWriteLineEndType
TSynEditMarkList (Bookmarks)
First / Last / Place / Insert have been removed, use Items[] / Add. Insert has no replacements, as bookmarks are now always sorted, and inserts at arbitrary positions no longer possible
TSynEditMarkList (Bookmarks)
GetMarksForLine, removed, use Line[n] property