Lazarus 1.2.0 release notes

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Lazarus 1.2.0 is not yet released. This page is under construction!


  1. commits: xxx
  2. log: svn log -r xxxx:xxxx
  3. resolved bug tracker issues: xxx

LCL Interfaces Changes

LCL Changes

IDE Changes

  • Editor
    • Interactive Hints (Mouse can enter Hints / Hints have links). Requires package TurboPowerIProDsgn
    • Macro Recorder/Player
      • Multiple macros. Ability to select/change macro from list.
      • Individual key-shortcuts for each Macro
      • Macros can be saved per project or with the global IDE config
      • Package EditorMacroScripting: Allow use of PascalScript in macros.
    • Sticky selection mode
  • Debugger
    • Watches window: added detail view, for selected watch
    • Debug Inspector: Ability to directly input expression to monitor
    • Attach and Detach
  • When option "open last project" is enabled (default) and the IDE was closed with no project, no project will open at start. When a virtual (not saved) project was open a new Application project is created.



  • Series:
    • Transparency
    • AddArray, AddNull, AddX and AddY functions, SetText procedure
    • TFitSeries.IEquationText interface
    • TPolarSeries.CloseCircle property
    • TFuncSeries.ExtentAutoY property
  • Tools:
    • New tool: TDataPointDistanceTool
    • TDataPointHintTool: UseApplicationHint property, OnHintPosition event
    • TZoomDragTool.RestoreExtentOn property
    • TChartToolset.DispatchedShiftState property
  • Sources:
    • TDbChartSource: Options=[dcsoDateTimeX, dcsoDateTimeY] property, OnGetItem event
    • TListChartSource: SetText, SetColor, AddXYList procedures
    • New sources: TCustomAnimatedChartSource, TCustomAxisChartSource
  • Axes and marks:
    • Axis index property editor
    • TChartAxis: Position, Value, ValueCount properties, IsPointInside function
    • Marks: Arrow, Margins, Shape, CalloutAngle properties, OnGetShape event
  • Misc
    • TAChartTeeChart unit with some helpers for migration from TeeChart
    • TChart: IsZoomed, PrevLogicalExtent properties
    • TChartExtentHistory utility class
    • 3 new demos: lazreport, animate, distance

Changes affecting compatibility

IDEIntf TOICustomPropertyGrid.Favourites was renamed to Favorites

  • Reason: Consistent American spelling
  • Remedy: Rename used identifier

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