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This FAQ covers database programming with Lazarus.

Where can I find more information?


  • See Databases and the articles about using databases/SQLQuery.

Where can I find database components?

At the moment the SQLdb components are part of FPC and Lazarus. They are installed by default in all more or less recent Lazarus versions.

Manual installation: if you look in the [$LazarusDir]/components you will see a subdirectory SQLdb. Install the sqldblaz.lpk and you will be able to connect to MySQL, Interbase / Firebird, Postgres, MS SQL and Sybase ASE (if you have FPC 2.6.1+), Oracle servers. See Install Packages for help on installing packages.

Supported databases

Known issues

Are there other components?

Lazarus and FPC documentation

The Lazarus visual database controls use FPC database code. Please see SQLDB documentation for more information.

Background info on SQLDB: SqlDBHowto

More info on TSQLQuery: Working With TSQLQuery

Lazarus documentation

See also