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What is a Desktop Environment? A Desktop Environment (DE) is a set of applications that allowes you to easly use the basic functions of a computer.

The idea: a cross compatible DE. My (BPsoftware) idea is to create a set of applications: a taskbar, a start menu, a file manager, a desktop that can work on Microsoft Windows, Linux and maybe also OSX. Creating the elements I mentioned above is not that difficult, what can cause us trouble could be the desktop, but the rest is easily done. If you look at the IceWM Desktop Environment you will see its a very basic application bar and a start menu.

Features - My goal is to not consume more than 32 MB of RAM - The binaries should be small in size - It should have a Windows 9x look and feel, but it should be as easy as XFCE - The widgset to be used is GTK2 as its the most complete on most platforms, even if later on different widgsets can be compiled the main one to concentrate should be GTK2

Problems Should all the elements be part of a huge project with different forms and at the end one single binary? Or should each element (taskbar, start menu,...) be a separate binary?