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The objective of this task would be collecting database bug fixing points. The database bugs which are part of this task shall be classified and listed here with a number of points assigned to them depending on the difficulty to fix. The task would be considered completed with 20 or more points are collected by the implementor. The premium will not be given if only part of the points are collected and will also not be given if the task is completed outside the specified deadline.

Tasks waiting feedback which may be added:

Selected tasks:

Link Comments Points Status
0015939: DBGrid scrolling shows schema - 2 Open
0007203: TDatabase.DoInternalConnect is virtual abstract - 3 Open
0007157: InternalCalcFields are not implemented - 2 Open
0008170: TField.EditMask property - 2 Open
0008815: TDbf denies access if tables contain characters such as apostrophies, astarisks, etc. - 2 Open
0009614: function Locate doesn't work with TMemDataset - 2 Open
0013395: TField lookups error with multiple key fields - 2 Open

Task assigned to: Undefined

Mentor: michael van Canneyt

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