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Snapshots are nightly builds of lazarus using the latest available sources and with the latest fixes and new bugs. There are several lazarus snapshots available:

  • Source in zip and tar.bz2 format
  • A full win32 binary installer with fpc 2.0.4 or fpc 2.1.5
  • A full win64 binary installer with fpc 2.1.5
  • Linux source rpms: fpc (to create fpc and fpc-src rpms) and lazarus
  • Linux i386 rpms: fpc, fpc-src, lazarus
  • Linux x86_64 rpms: fpc, fpc-src, lazarus
  • MacOSX powerpc dmgs: fpc, fpcsrc and lazarus
  • MacOSX i386 dmgs: fpc, fpcsrc and lazarus

Some mirrors only have a few snapshot types. Look in the table below for details.

BEWARE: These snapshots are generated automatically and are untested. The only thing we can say is, that the compiler found the source good enough to compile. These snapshots are provided as a courtesy only. If they don't work, too bad! If they destroy your project files, crash your machine, and eat your disk: Tough luck! (just to say that YOU ARE USING COMPLETELY UNTESTED SOFTWARE)

Download locations

Location Url Available snapshots
Main All
Canada Currently not updated
Germany All
USA Source and windows

I have written a program with fpcunit and lNet to check, if the daily snapshots are refreshed. You can view the report, which is refreshed every 15 minutes.

Change log for snapshot building

  • 2006.08.01: Snapshots for i386-win32, i386-linux and x86_64-linux are built with fpc 2.0.4-rc2, to give more people the opportunity to test this release candidate.
  • 2006.08.04: powerpc-darwin snapshot based on fpc 2.0.4-rc2 uploaded.
  • 2006.08.13: i386-win32, i386-linux, x86_64-linux and powerpc-darwin snapshots have been built with fpc 2.0.4-rc3
  • 2006.10.02: win32 installer comes in two varieties: one with fpc 2.0.4 and one with fpc 2.1.1
  • 2007.06.24: win32 and win64 use a patched version of fpc 2.1.5 named 2.1.5-L, see here for details.
  • 2007.07: no more patched builds, because all pending patches were merged.