Lazarus Team - Git Workflows

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This page contains workflows for Lazarus team members, when working with GIT.

git pull --rebase

Commits made by team members should have a linear history

If you have local commits to push, and the remote branch has new commits too, then use rebase. Do not create any merge commits.

   git pull --rebase


   git rebase

Merge Requests / Pull Requests

Merge requests should be included by creating a merge commit

   git merge merge-request/foo

Cherry picking / Merging

Do not "squash" commits when cherry picking.

If commits are squashed, then "git cherry" wont work.

Issue Tracker


When closing an issue, ensure to set the correct milestone.

If the issues is (or will be) merged to a fixes branch, set the milestone for the fixes release. (If the merge later fails, the milestone must be amended).

If you do not merge (cherry pick) yourself:

  • leave the issue open
  • Set the fixes milestone
  • add the label