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Welcome to the Free Pascal and Lazarus Wiki

The goal of this Wiki is to collect and store the knowledge necessary for the productive use of Free Pascal, Lazarus and related projects. The Wiki is intended to be the first port of call for users looking for information on how to use the tools provided by those projects.

The Free Pascal Compiler already has user documentation available in several formats. FPC developer information, and subjects not yet properly documented, is stored in this Wiki. Lazarus has some gaps in its user documentation and so this Wiki is a place where anyone can edit, improve and expand the Lazarus documentation.

New to Wikis? No problem. See the WikiPedia Tutorial. A Sand Box is available for new Wiki users to practise in before editing real content.

If you have any Wiki-related problems, leave a note or suggestion on the Site Feedback page or make a post in this Forum.

Free Pascal 3.2.2-rc1 released 24 Mar 2021 You can help improve the upcoming 3.2.2 release by downloading and testing this release. If you want you can report what you have done at Testers 3.2.2 or in the mailing list. Changes that may break backwards compatibility documented in User Changes 3.2.2. Downloads are available at The evaluation time frame for this release is at least two weeks, so bug reports within that period will be looked at before the final release is branched.

Free Pascal

Official Website

  • News and information about the current version and development status of the Free Pascal Compiler can be found on the Free Pascal website.


  • The official releases of the Free Pascal Compiler, source code and documentation can be downloaded from the Free Pascal site.
  • Snapshots of the compiler, RTL and a couple of other packages may be downloaded from the development page. Your testing of these snapshots is always appreciated by the developers.
  • See Installation Instructions and Release Notes.

Community Participation

New and experienced users alike are invited to join:



Official Website


  • The official Lazarus Roadmap shows the current status of the various parts of Lazarus.


Community Participation

New and experienced users alike are invited to join:


Related Sites

  • A collection of Delphi/Kylix related sites can be found on the Page Of Code Sites. Please add to it if you know of a good site that is not listed.

Wiki Portals

Wiki Portals have been created for a selection of the platforms and topics that Free Pascal and Lazarus support. The Portals gather together all the related information for the particular platform or topic in one place to make it easier to locate. The full list of supported platforms may be found here.

In the News

A summary of recent news stories about Free Pascal and Lazarus can be found here.

Projects using Free Pascal and Lazarus

Details and screenshots of an extensive number of applications created with Free Pascal and Lazarus may be found here. There is also plenty of source code that can be found here.

Bug Tracker

The Bug Tracker is the place to go to check if the anomaly you have encountered has already been recorded as a Free Pascal Compiler or Lazarus IDE bug and, if not, you can lodge a bug report (see How do I create a bug report) so that it can be fixed. Even better, lodge a patch if you can (see Creating A Patch) with the bug report.