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There's been a lot of patches and wishes for Messages window to be docked at the source editor of Lazarus IDE. All patches were eventually rejected, because Messages window must be dockable by using Docking manager, that's not yet fully implemented for all widgetset.

Keeping Messages window floating might be very annoying for some people, especially coming from Delphi.

This IDE extension allows Messages window to dock to the source editor.




Dmitry Boyarintsev


You're free to use this IDE Plugin and its' sources in any way you find useful.


The latest stable release can be found on Lazarus-CCR Sourceforge page


Change Log

  • Revised on 12-sep-2012 with Lazarus 1.1. There's an error given on "Dock Message" action. Though it still allows to go on with Lazarus usage;
  • Version 14-feb-2009 fixed bug with unreadable/unwritable files
  • Version 1.0 10-feb-2009 Released

Dependencies / System Requirements

  • Rebuildable Lazarus IDE
  • If you're using Lazarus trunk (0.9.29) please update use SVN version of the manual docker r1202 or later.

Status: Stable


  1. Download the extension sources.
  2. Copy the extensions source directory to Lazarus/Components directory.
  3. Start Lazarus IDE (if not started)
  4. Open installed packages manager Package->Configure installed packages...
  5. Select "manualdock 1.0" from "Available packages list"
  6. Press "Save and rebuild IDE".

How-to Use

After Lazarus IDE is rebuilt with the extension, you should see an additional menu item at View menu, named "Dock Messages window".

Selecting this menu item will dock/undock messages window from the source editor.

On Linux you have to open "Package options" window and click to "Options" button, where Unit string "$(PkgOutDir)\" change to "$(PkgOutDir)/".