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Here is a list of open tasks in FPC.

Compiler development

  • Port the m68k code generator to 1.9.x: M68k port
  • Create a MIPS code generator for 1.9.x: MIPS port
  • For missing language constructs, see: Language related articles
  • Working regvar support for the 1.9.x port.
  • debug {$packrecord C} with regard to 16 and 64-bit sizes.
  • leafnode stackframereduction (and auto inlining?)

Information about compiler development can be found here: Compiler development articles

RTL development

  • port the 1.0.10 BeOS port to 1.9.x: BeOS port
  • port the 1.0.6/1.0.10 SunOS port to 1.9.x: SunOS port
  • port the 1.0.6/1.0.10 QNX port to 1.9.x: QNX port
  • create a Darwin rtl: Darwin port
  • create a WinCE rtl: WinCE port
  • The unix ports (including derivatives as BeOS and QNX) should have a way to be rerouted to libc instead of syscalls.

FCL development

FVISION development

IDE development