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This particular page is about the '''packages''' directory in SVN where all non-RTL packages are kept.  
This particular page is about the '''packages''' directory in FPC SVN where all non-RTL packages are kept.  
For other meanings of '''Package''' in the combined FPC/Lazarus projects see [[packages(disambiguation)|Packages(disambiguation)]].
For other meanings of '''Package''' in the combined FPC/Lazarus projects see [[packages(disambiguation)|Packages(disambiguation)]].

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This particular page is about the packages directory in FPC SVN where all non-RTL packages are kept.

For other meanings of Package in the combined FPC/Lazarus projects see Packages(disambiguation).

  • a52 - Unit for A-52 stream decoder. See SourceForge Page liba52
  • amunits - Amiga related units (68k?)
  • aspell - Aspell header unit.
  • bfd - Header to GNU Binary File Descriptor library (part of binutils)
  • bzip2 - bzip2 decoding. Turbo Pascal object, standalone, not an header.
  • cairo - Headers for cairo, a vector graphics library with display and print output. (GTK related, win32 prepared)
  • cdrom - A linux/windows unit to detect cdrom drives, and get a list of TOC entries (Linux version=Ancient?)
  • chm - .CHM helpfile reader/writer package. Used for textmode IDE, fpdoc, lazarus chmhelp component/package.
  • cocoaint - Interfaces to Mac OS X Objective-C frameworks using the Objective-Pascal syntax
  • dbus - Headers for dbus inter-process communication library. See also the FPC and DBus article
  • dts - libdts headers, which provides a low-level interface to decoding audio frames encoded using DTS Coherent Acoustics
  • fcl-async - Provides cross-platform units for asynchronous input/output.
  • fcl-base - Contains a number of units that are either really "base" functionality or more misc stand-alone units.
  • fcl-db - FCL Database support (including sqldb and tdbf)
  • fcl-extra - FCL former fcl-base parts with many dependancies. Currently Daemon/service unit "daemonapp".
  • fcl-fpcunit - FCL FPCUNIT testing framework
  • fcl-image - FCL fpimage, fpcanvas generic image support plus helpers.
  • fcl-json - A JSON (Javascript Object Notation) implementation
  • fcl-net - Networking parts of the FCL, including the former netdb - DNS resolving
  • fcl-passrc - Units for dealing with Pascal source files
  • fcl-process - Provides an easy way to start and manipulate the running of other programs (processes) by your application.
  • fcl-registry - Provides access to the registry
  • fcl-res
  • fcl-web - A server side web system for FPC
  • fcl-xml - XML, XHTML and HTML sax based parsing, related DOM units and writers.
  • fftw - FFTW - Fastest Fourier Transform in the West library (so apparantly the Eastern one is faster?)
  • fpgtk - Old fpgtk framework, used to be used for fpde (documentation editor).
  • fpvectorial - A library for reading, writing and modifying vectorial images.
  • fpmkunit - Linkable parts of fpmake and fppkg subsystem
  • fv - Free Vision is an application framework that allows you to design user friendly text mode applications.
  • fuse - Bindings for libfuse, a library of a daemon that allows implementations of filesystem(-mapping)s in userspace
  • gbaunits - Gameboy Advance libraries
  • gdbint - Interface to gdblib. (static linking to GDB), for the IDE.
  • gdbm - Interface to the GNU database system. (libgdbm)
  • ggi - Interface to libGGI (General Graphic Interface)
  • gmp - interface to libGMP (GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library, library for handling "big" numbers)
  • gnome1 - Headers for older Gnome-1 version, Gnome is a desktop library.
  • graph - Implementation of Graph unit compatible to that one originally available with TP/BP
  • gtk1 - gtk1 headers
  • gtk2 - gkt2 headers
  • hash - Contains implementations for crc, md5, NTLM (1?) and, under Linux, crypt. Crypt might be better used from pkg "user"
  • hermes - Port of the "hermes" library. Graphics related
  • httpd13 - A translation of the Apache 1.3.x headers to develop modules.
  • httpd20 - A translation of the Apache 2.0.x headers to develop modules.
  • httpd22 - A translation of the Apache 2.2.x headers to develop modules.
  • ibase - Interbase and Firebird headers
  • imagemagick - ImageMagick headers for pascal.
  • imlib - A dynamic image creation library. See Imlib2 Homepage
  • iconvenc - A header translation of the iconv library headers.
  • ldap - Headers for OpenLDAP - An implementation of the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. See OpenLDAP Homepage
  • libc - Deprecated Kylix compatibility lib. Linux/x86 only. See libc unit
  • libcurl - A header translation of the libcurl library headers
  • libgd - GD is an open source code library for the dynamic creation of images. See LibGD Homepage
  • libndsfpc - Nintendo DS libraries
  • libpng - Interface to the libpng library. This library can be used to read/write/manipulate image files in PNG format
  • librsvg - Free, Open Source SVG Rendering library. See SourceForge Page
  • libxml2 - Headers for Libxml2, the XML C parser and toolkit developed for the Gnome project. See libxml2 Homepage
  • lua - Headers for lua scripting language
  • mad - libmad header, (MPEG Audio Decoder) Also part of openal now?
  • matroska - An extensible open standard Audio/Video container. See Matroska Homepage
  • modplug - headers for modplug decoder. see sourceforge page ModPlug XMMS Plugin
  • mysql - Headers for mysql database client library for several different versions
  • ncurses - General unix terminal support library.
  • newt - Erik Troan's newt text-mode windowing toolkit
  • numlib - Numeric math lib (TP dialect) from TU/E.
  • odbc - Headers for ODBC library.
  • objcrtl A package that is enabled for Darwin/i386/x86_64/arm but not for PPC/PPC64. "Objective-C Runtime-Library"
  • oggvorbis - An open music codec and container format. See OggVorbis Homepage
  • openal - A cross-platform 3D audio API See OpenAL Homepage
  • opengl - An interface to OpenGL (Open Graphics Library)
  • openssl - Headers for openssl, a secure sockets library.
  • oracle - Headers for oracle (version here) database clientlibs,
  • os2units - Interfaces to various libraries available under OS/2 and eComStation
  • palmunits - Palm OS SDK 4.0
  • pasjpeg - A Pascal conversion (thus without dependancies) of the libjpeg library.
  • paszlib - A Pascal conversion (thus without dependancies) of the standard zlib library.
  • pcap - Packet Capture library
  • postgres - Headers for Postgres (version here) database clientlibs
  • proj4 - Headers for Proj.4 a Cartographic Projections Library. See Homepage
  • ptc - Headers for OpenPTC, a high-speed low-level graphics access library. See Textmode IDE development
  • pthreads - Headers for pthreads unix threading libraries.
  • pxlib - A library to read and write Paradox DB files
  • regexpr - Regex (regular expression) engine
  • rexx - Interface to REXX SAA headers allowing to use Pascal code in REXX scripts
  • sdl - Simple DirectMedia Layer
  • sndfile - An interface to the linux (?) libsndfile library.
  • sqlite - Cross-platform C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero- configuration SQL database engine. See SQLite Homepage
  • svgalib - An interface to the SVGA graphics library (Unix).
  • symbolic - Expression parser with minimal symbolic manipulation
  • syslog - Provides an interface to the Unix system logger Daemon
  • tcl - An interface to the tcl/tk interpreter.
  • univint - Mac OS X interfaces (Carbon, CoreServices; CoreFoundation, CoreAudio, CoreGraphics, CoreType, CoreVideo, AudioUnits, ...).
  • unixutil - Some old kylix wrapper. Delete?
  • unzip - Routines for unzipping .zip files.
  • users - Various routines to work with Unix users and groups
  • utmp - Various routines to work with Unix /var/run/utmp, the unix login logfile
  • uuid - A basic libuuid header.
  • winceunits - WinCE API
  • winunits-base - Additional windows units. Mostly Delphi compat (activex, comobj)
  • winunits-jedi - Very complete winapi header translation from Jedi
  • x11 - Basic X Windows System (xlib) headers
  • xforms - Basic XForms headers
  • zlib - Basic interface to the zlib compression library.
  • zorba - Zorba XQuery Processor. See Homepage

Documentation of packages that migrated to the RTL over time:

  • cmem - Reroutes FPC memory handling to malloc/free.