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The package is available since Lazarus 1.5.

  • Go to Package > Install/Uninstall Packages.
  • Search in Available for installation for packagetabs.
  • Select it.
  • Click on Install selection.
  • Save and rebuild IDE. The IDE will ask for confirmation, then it build the package, links it in and restarts itself.


When installed, this package replaces source editor tabs/pages with buttons sorted by package and name. It correctly places the tabs according to the "Source notebook tabs position" setting (IDE Options -> Editor -> Pages and Windows -> Notebook Tabs).

Both the file buttons and package titles have popup-menus with additional commands.

Recommended IDE settings changes

Because the enhancement fixes the order of pages, it can be useful to remap "Ctrl+Tab" and "Ctrl+Shift+Tab" key shortcuts to "Go to previous editor in history" and "Go to next editor in history" that are by default available with "Ctrl+~" and "Ctrl+Shift+~".


Tabs on top


Tabs left