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The Pascal Script tab of the Component Palette lists components for use with Pascal Scripting.

Component Palette Pascal Script.png

Icon Component Description
tpsscript.png TPSScript This is the main component. It supports compiling and executing of scripts.
tpsscriptdebugger.png TPSScriptDebugger
tpsdllplugin.png TPSDllPlugin
tpsimport classes.png TPSImport_Classes
tpsimport dateutils.png TPSImport_DateUtils
tpsimport comobj.png TPSImport_ComObj
tpsimport db.png TPSImport_DB
tpsimport forms.png TPSImport_Forms
tpsimport controls.png TPSImport_Controls
tpsimport stdctrls.png TPSImport_StdCtrls
tpscustomplugin.png TPSCustomPlugin
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