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Supported architectures

SVN trunk contains support at various levels of completeness for the following architectures:

Other architectures and their status

  • Webassembly: separate branch, initial implementation only

Former ports which were removed

  • iA64/Itanium:
    • Non-compiling compiler, only some basic units for the compiler were implemented
    • Itanium has been officially discontinued as of January 30th, 2019
  • Alpha:
    • Non-compiling compiler, only some basic units for the compiler were implemented

Supported targets for i386

Supported targets for AMD64 (x86-64)

Supported targets for i8086

  • DOS
  • Windows 16 bit
  • Embedded

Supported targets for ARM

Supported targets for AArch64

  • Linux for AArch64
  • Target Darwin (iOS 64bit, macOS 64 bit)
  • Windows for ARM64

Supported targets for PowerPC

Supported targets for PowerPC64

  • Linux (2.1.x and later)
  • Target Darwin (Mac OS X) (2.3.x and later)

Supported targets for m68k

See page m68k for details.

Supported targets for SPARC

  • Solaris for SPARC (in maintenance mode)
  • Linux for SPARC

Supported targets for SPARC64

  • Linux for SPARC64

Supported targets for MIPS

  • Linux for MIPS

Supported targets for PIC

  • Embedded

See MIPSEL page for details

Supported targets for AVR

  • Embedded

See AVR page for details.

Supported targets for RISC-V

  • Linux
  • Embedded

Both 32- and 64-bit are supported.

Supported targets for Xtensa

  • Linux
  • FreeRTOS
  • Embedded

Supported targets for Z80

  • ZX Spectrum
  • Embedded

Unofficial 3rd party ports

  • GP2X (under development)
  • UEFI Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (under early development)
  • ZSeries IBM System/370, S/390 and zSeries mainframes (under development as "i370")

Stalled ports

Unlikely to be ported

Resources for porting to new platforms...

... and keeping existing ones up to date.

  • FPC HowToDo - new additions requiring attention of platform maintainers
  • System unit structure - (work in progress - only skeleton finished) description of System unit internals

Cross compilation

Information about compilation for a different platform as the one running the compiler may be found in Cross compiling.