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AddressBook using the Sqlite store data, Support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English three languages​​. Support the list shows, support to add, delete, right-click pop-up list menu to delete, change, check; Support importing csv, export csv file; import file format to export csv files can fill in; Contact the system into the same name as the default if there is to add a new record; Encoding exported file system based on user language encoding decisions; support the dynamic selection of countries or companies and added; support the department or group of dynamic selection and add; support the phonetic code or short code quick search contacts. For example: the Monkey King of the alphabet code, SWK. may enter the code in the alphabet Jane S, Sun will contact all the names are listed; Screen Shot

Bilancio Facile

Bilancio Facile is a simple application to manage the family budget. Developed by Jonathan.



BRP-Software is a powerful and extremely flexible ERP System, that uses the Firebird database as backend. The first major release is in use with several different database structures to handle the needs of different business types. We have seperate databases for container logistics, laser cut metal production, software distribution and computershops. All databases use the same base application written in Lazarus.

BRP Software is currently only focusing on the German speaking market, but it is developed for international usage. We plan to publish an international version in second half of 2013. There is a special free version already called Personal edition available now. This has only one restriction: it can not be used with more than one network user. This version includes the computershop database out of the box.


Contact Contacts

Contact Contacts is a free of charge portable and secure organizer that supports bulk emails and SMS. All data is stored securely into an encrypted database. The documentation is located here


DJPDV - Software for cashier

DJPDV is an application to use in sales cashiers, that was developed to cater all commercial establishments that seeking a practical solution, reliable and that, above all, is on accordance with all legal specifications. It's a robust software that have innovative technological features that will streamline the sales process, significantly. Overall, the system is completely intuitive and objective, and easy to understand for users. Official website:



eMyCar-Monitor is comprehensive car care & fleet information management software for Windows. You can follow and track all information about your vehicle with this free vehicle tracker software.



FXGuest is a simple application to manage the company budget. Based on Bilancio facile engine. Developed by Jonathan.



Gestinux is a small accounting and invoicing software, to enter moves and import in various formats, to reconcile, and to print usual reports. You can produce quotes, order sand invoices, record customer payments. It is translated into english, spanish and italian from french, and can easily be translated to other languages. It is possible to setup specific reports for various countries. It runs on Linux, Windows and macOS, using MySql, MariaDb and PostgreSQL. [MediaWiki website has been vandalised. Gestinux link changed to old unvandalised page.]

MK Express

MK Express, created by Balsa software, is a multi-platform desktop application which designs Master Key locking systems. This standalone application calculates key codes and pinning to produce a non-hierarchal access control in a mechanical locking system. MK Express is available on Linux, Windows and macOS with a demo version for the Raspberry PI too.

MKExpress Locks.png


opsi is an open source Client Management System for Windows clients and is based on Linux servers. Key features:

  • Automatic OS installation (unattended or image based)
  • Automatic software distribution and patch management
  • Hardware and software inventories
  • multiple location support

opsi server runs on Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, SLES, CentOS, UCS and RHEL. We use Lazarus for the component opsi-winst which is the script driven generic setup program which does all the installations and system manipulations on the windows boxes.


PARKEER is a commercial software for parking control.


Rednaxel RNGE3

RNGE3 is a Small-Medium Business ERP System (with WMS module) for Brazilian companies. It emits Nota Fiscal Eletronica, the government-mandated electronic invoice.


Tasjeel Accounting

Tasjeel is an Arabic Accounting system with stock control module, cheques module, barcode sales point module, and simple document management module. It is available for Linux and Windows. It uses Firebird database engine.


The Userman

theuserman is a simple desktop application to manage user mikrotik hotspot (Windows & Linux). Can be used to generate randomly mikrotik hotspot users and export them into voucher as pdf files.

halaman-utama-windows.png custom-voucher-template.png


TruckBites is a business management software for independent trucking companies and owner/operators (for the USA.) Written under contract by Tony Maro for both Linux and Windows for "Partners in Trucking, LLC". Still under development, anticipated release in the next few months.