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FoxWhois is a bulk domains checker. Does not require installation. There are free (foxwhois free) and paid (foxwhois pro) version. FoxWhois free scans .COM, .RU/.SU/.РФ domains for availability and whois data. FoxWhois pro has more advanced functionality. The software is multilingual (via i18n): currently supports English and Russian languages.


EasyBBS is a modern bulletin board system. Installed in 10 minutes, it might be the forum for classes or clubs. Content can be text, images or links. If everything is said, EasyBBS builds a conclusion and is uninstalled in 5 minutes. Location- and Online- views deliver "community spirit". Source code included (German/English). Please join us, we need a French and Italian version.

Open Sitemap Builder

Open Sitemap Builder - Cross-platform program for creating sitemap.xml sitemap without restrictions on the number of pages. The map format is supported as HTML, XML, CSV and simple list. There are English and Russian versions. Developed in the Object Pascal programming language in the FreePascal compiler using the Lazarus development environment. The source code is published and distributed under the BSD license.