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ideU is based on MSEide by Martin Schreiber. https://github.com/mse-org/mseide-msegui
ideU is based on MSEide by Martin Schreiber. https://github.com/mse-org/mseide-msegui

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A Firebird application

The following screen shots are taken from an MSEgui Firebird database application. The programmer writes he has customized the look and feel of his application in about 30 minutes with a tfacecomp and two tframecomp. He states that the look and feel is identical on Linux and Windows.

mse dbwidgetgrid1.jpg

mse dbwidgetgrid2.jpg

Linux version: mse form1.jpg

Windows version: mse form1w.jpg

Linux version: mse button1.jpg

Windows version: mse button1w.jpg

The report is designed and rendered with the built-in MSEide+MSEgui report designer and report generator.

mse report1.jpg

Two MDI forms with fade and flat frame.

mse gripfade1.png

An embedded system

An embedded system for medical applications, in this case steam sterilizers, was realized with MSE-IDE & MSE-GUI for the control unit, nowadays also commonly called the "human machine interface", HMI.

Main Screen

The control unit uses a touch panel a its display, therefore all active controls have to be made rather large to enable the personnel to handle them easily. The main screen consists of a few informational display fields and allows to select the implemented sterilizing processes by means of a menu consisting of several button components showing the process names along with a short description in a separate panel. The visibility of the buttons and their captions are defined during program loading by means of a configuration file. The informational fields display the devices' operating values in real time using a MSE system timer to collect the information from the PLC.

Process Display

After processing has been started, the display is switched to a different format showing the operating values in large digits on some numeric display field components on the left and a graphical representation of the process history on the right, again both as real time "live displays". If the diagram curves would reach the right panel border, the diagram would change to a scrolling mode, always showing the current state at the extreme right.

State Display

For diagnostic purposes, also a schematic state display is available. This shows a simplified schematic of the apparatus, along with real time animated symbols of the control elements, as there are valves and pumps, each displayed in a derived version of a timage component, created and placed dynamically on program load. Also shown are the most important process values as numerical displays, also dynamically placed. The schematic field really is the output of a separate program, running in parallel to the process display which provides the upper and lower parts of the screen display.

Control Screen

There is also a mode for setting several control and function parameters and to recall previous operational and diagnostic data. It is organised as a tabbed screen containing several run time parametrized menu pages and a couple of display field pages. Some of the pages allow access only after entering a pass code to prevent missuse of critical functions.

Protocol Review

This is a screen displaying a graphical protocol of a previous process. The protocol is usually printed out immediately after termination, as required by the regulations. The printer output is generated as a postscript file, processed by ghostscript both for print out and for the on screen display shown, which uses the png format for loading into the display field.


Of course, there is also an attribution display, showing program version, creator information and the tools used for the creation of the system, Free Pascal and MSE-IDE & MSE-GUI. As background, it uses a photography of one such apparatus as it is used in clinics displayed in an image component carrying several label fields used for the text. Above all of that sits a transparent button to close the picture.

StrumPract, various tools for musicians

StrumPract is various tools for musicians.


. Learn to play drums set in 4 lessons and develop your art.

. Practice your other instruments with a editable drums machine.

. Tune your guitar and bass.

. Play audio files and loop it.

. DJ console for auto-mixing, with 2 players and direct-output of mic.

. Record your ideas-jam.

. Chords randomizer for jamming.



ideU, the ide. Universal.

ideU the universal ide.

Multi OS, multi languages, multi compilers, voice assisted.

ideU is based on MSEide by Martin Schreiber. https://github.com/mse-org/mseide-msegui