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{{Projects using the fpGUI graphical user interface}}
{{Projects using fpGUI}}
== DocView ==
== DocView ==

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Our own INF documentation viewer, which is very fast, customizable and with lots of handy features like annotations, bookmarks, advanced searching, runtime concatenation of help files etc.

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DicomViewer v.0.2

DicomViewer is a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) image viewer written by Leonardo M. Ramé.


Eschecs - chess program

Eschecs (an old french word for chess) by Roland Chastain is a simple chess program with a graphical user interface. The graphical user interface uses the fpGUI toolkit and the BGRABitmap library.

The engine is a small Pascal unit, adapted from a Turbo Pascal program (less that one thousand lines), JS Schach (Jürgen Schlottke Chess). Eschecs also includes the Pro Deo opening book by Jeroen Noomen, and a a mate solver (a checkmate detector?) adapted from a program by Valentin Albillo. For each of its moves, the computer searches in the opening book. When he finds nothing in the book, he calls the mate solver to find a two-move checkmate. If there's no checkmate, he plays the engine move.

My purpose wasn't to make a strong program, nor an interface with many functions, but a full chess program, with a code as short and as understandable as possible.

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