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(Projects using fpGUI)
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* [[Projects using fpGUI|All projects]]
* [[Projects using fpGUI|All projects]]
== Projects using MSEgui ==
== Projects using MSEgui graphical user interface ==
* [[Projects using MSEgui|All projects]]
* [[Projects using MSEgui|All projects]]

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Instructions for adding your project

This page lists the categories of projects using Free Pascal. Each project entry in a category should contain a short description, a link to the home page and, if applicable, a screenshot or a maximum of two small screenshots (not multiple huge screenshots!). Please pick the most appropriate category sub-page. Please do not list your project in multiple categories, just pick the most appropriate one. Bear in mind that someone else is donating the server space that you are using.

Projects using the Lazarus Component Library (LCL)

Projects using fpGUI graphical user interface

Projects using MSEgui graphical user interface

Console projects

Library projects

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