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{{Projects using Free Pascal}}
#REDIRECT Projects using Free Pascal
== Instructions for adding your project ==
This page lists the categories of projects using Free Pascal. Each project entry in a category should contain a short description, a link to the home page and, if applicable, '''a''' screenshot or a maximum of two small screenshots ('''not''' multiple huge screenshots!). Please pick the most appropriate category sub-page. Please do '''not''' list your project in multiple categories, just pick the most appropriate one. Bear in mind that someone else is donating the server space that you are using.
== Projects using the Lazarus Component Library (LCL) ==
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Business Software|Business Software]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Communications software|Communications software]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Components and Libraries|Components and Libraries]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Databases and Tools|Databases and Tools]] (see also [[Portal:Databases|database portal]])
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Developer utilities|Developer utilities]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Editors and IDEs|Editors and IDEs]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Educational software|Educational software]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Games|Games]] (see also [[Portal:Game_Development|game development portal]])
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Hobby software|Hobby software]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Medical and Scientific software|Medical and Scientific software]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Multimedia|Multimedia]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - User utilities|User utilities]]
* [[Projects using Lazarus - Web|Web]]
== Projects using the fpGUI graphical user interface ==
* [[Projects using fpGUI|All projects]]
== Projects using the MSEgui graphical user interface ==
* [[Projects using MSEgui|All projects]]
== Console projects ==
* [[Console projects|All projects]]
== Library projects ==
* [[Projects using Free Pascal - Libraries|All projects]]
== See also ==
* [[Other projects using Lazarus]] - dead and abandoned Lazarus projects (maybe good for ideas).
* [[Components and Code examples]]
* [[Operating Systems written in FPC]]
* [[Using the Lazarus-ccr SVN repository]]
* [[Case Studies]]
* [https://lazarusccr.github.io/apps/ Lazarus Apps Showcase on GitHub]

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