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This article applies to Qt5 widgetset only.

See also: Multiplatform Programming Guide


This interface is based on Qt 5 (Qt 5.6.2 is tested). For documentation, fixes and download, go to Qt Project (Installers at download 5.6.2). Lazarus with Qt5 interface (qt5-lcl) can be used on Windows 32/64, Linux x32/x64/arm, MacOSX x64(Cocoa). Qt5 widgetset is available from lazarus trunk 1.7 rev. 53806 and will be available in lazarus 1.8 stable release. There's no support for 32bit Qt5 binary versions from Digia, so if you need 32bit Qt5 on linux you must build complete Qt5 on your own, including libQt5Pas.

Quick start guide for Linux

Bindings sources are located in lcl/interfaces/qt5/cbindings , to build it just follow README.txt.

Other Interfaces

Platform specific Tips

Interface Development Articles