Release 2.2.0

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Release organization

  1. Before releasing 2.2.0 there will be a public beta available for about two months. The version number of the beta will be 2.1.4 (aka 2.2.0-beta)
  2. Before the beta there will be an 'internal' release, 2.1.2 to test the build-proces on all platforms. The release of 2.1.2 is the 'feature freeze' for version 2.2.0. In principle between version 2.1.2 and 2.1.4 only build-related patches are allowed.
  3. Merging patches should be done by the developers who are 'responsible' for that part of the code.
  4. Friday the 16th version 2.1.2 will be tagged from the fixes_2_2 branche
  5. If things go well, 2.1.4 will be tagged friday the 30th. If we are lucky, the release of 2.1.4 can be in the week thereafter.