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A gradient fill like in the new Netscape Communicator Options Box.

  • The begin and end colors can be any colors.
  • The fill direction can be set to Right-To-Left, Left-To-Right, Top-To-Bottom or Bottom-To-Top.
  • The number of colors, between 1 and 255 can be set for the fill.
  • The Caption can be anything and anywhere on TNetGradient.


  • Netgradient2.png
  • Smace202.JPG
  • SMNetGradient204.JPG



  • 1995, Curtis White
  • 1997, Heiko Webers
  • 2006, barko (port to lazarus)
  • 2008, Vincenzo Scozzaro (Upgrade 2.04)


This component can be freely used and distributed in commercial and private environments. (look in source)


The latest stable release can be found on the Lazarus CCR Files page.

Change Log

  • 1.00: Initial release
  • 1.00: Changed to TNetGradient
  • 1.00: 14.02.2006 port to lazarus
  • 2.02: 29.08.2009 Added Alignment, Caption, SubCaption, Font SubCaption, DataField, etc...
  • 2.03: 30.08.2009 Fix Bug
  • 2.04: 01.09.2009 Fill direction add Top-To-Bottom or Bottom-To-Top
  • 2.05: 18.10.2009 Fix crash inside frame, fix memory leaks, add Begin/EndUpdate

Dependencies / System Requirements

Tested on Windows (XP), Linux (Ubuntu 9.4) and Mac OSX (Leopard 10.5.8).


  • In Components/Open Package File, open smnetgradientlaz.lpk.
  • Compile the component to verify that everything is ok.
  • Install and let Lazarus rebuild.