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Enlace externo

Enlace externo: Título del enlace

Una imagen

Este texto debe ser colocado cerca de la imagen, ¿dónde? zxvzxcv zxvc xcv xzcv zxcv zxvc zxvc zxcv zxcv zxcv zxcv xcv xcv xcv xcv zxcv zxcv zxcv xcv zxcv zxcv aaaaaaaaaaaaa.

¿Y esta línea dónde va?

¿y esta?

Table 1

Header 1
Header 2
Sub header 1 Sub header 2 Sub header 3 Sub header 4
Item A Item B
Item C
Item D

<tbody> </tbody>
Delphi / ObjFPC


Unit Unidad1
 Type TUnObjeto=class(TComponent)
   //Más código....
Procedure HacerAlgo(Value: TSomeObject);
Function GetUnObjeto: TUnObjeto;
Unit Unidad2
 Type TUnComponente=class(TComponent)
  //Más código....
 Published UnObjeto: Pointer;
 //Más código.....


Delphi ObjFPC

Table 2

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4
Item 1 Item 1 Item 1 Item 1


  • One
  • Two
    • Tree


  1. First
  2. Second
  3. Third

Nested Numbering

  1. First
    2. first.two
    3. first.three
  2. Second
    2. second.two
    3. second.three

Mixed Numbering

  1. First
    • first.two
    • first.three
  2. Second
    • second.two
    • second.three

indenting first line

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Another Test:

I want to create a boxed text:

Esto está en una caja, o algo así Espero.

This is outside the box, no? And this is a reference to my incomplete Structural Analyis book

New section?

Let's see... ok

if Graphviz was installed, this would draw a pretty graph...

<graphviz> digraph G {

 rankdir=LR; node [fontsize = "8" shape = "rectangle"]; 
 "Node 1" -> "Node 2";

} </graphviz>

This is a test to see, if I can edit a page after the Bad-Behavior update. fpcfan 22:43, 7 December 2007 (CET)

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