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== See also ==
{{Logical operators}}
* [[And]]
* [[Boolean]]
* [[Const]]
* [[Const]]
* [[Function]]
* [[Function]]
* [[Integer]]
* [[Integer]]
* [[Odd]]
* [[Or]]
* [[Shl]]
* [[$Bitpacking]]
* [[Bit manipulation]]

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The reserved word Shift right (shr) performs a logical right bit-shift operation (opposite than shl).

Shr with signed types

Note: unlike the >> operator in the C language, the shr operator is a logical (not arithmetic) bit shift, even if the left operand is a signed integer. An implicit typecast and extension to a larger unsigned type may be performed before the shift operation. Check what the following program actually prints.

program ShrTest;
  WriteLn(ShortInt(-3) shr 1);

Is a bit set

function isBitSet(AValue, ABitNumber:integer):boolean;
   result:=odd(AValue shr ABitNumber);

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see also

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