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On this page you can add general site feed back.

If your comments are about one page, you can also use the corresponding talk page for your feedback.

  • Add some kind of chapters/tree/index on the main page, searching for various documents is harder without it.
  • You could add a few links on the main Lazarus website to various sections in the Lazarus-CCR(Component and Code Repository) like Components, Examples, Online Docs, Tutorials.
    • The Components section should contain various components that are not used for "normal" programming or have similar behaviour to existing IDE components, maybe also platform specific components that can not be implemented in a CrossPlaform fashion.
    • The Examples section should contain as many useful examples as possible, many people report that examples made them appreciate the "power" of other RAD tools like Delphi/Kylix, C++Builder, JBuilder and even Visual Basic, so i think examples will also help the Lazarus project too in becomeing the most widely used tool by OpenSource and Commercial software developers.
    • The Online Docs section should contain FCL, LCL, IDE, Compiler, Classes organisation and description, various popular API calls, even some OS specific calls.
    • The Tutorials section is one of the most important parts for productivity, it should cover various aspects of programming ranging from Console, GUI, Database, Component Design, IDE/Compiler Enhancing to Hardware I/O and even Multimedia, 3D Graphics, Audio, Game Design.
  • The IDE could also have some links in the Help menu.