Basic Pascal Tutorial/Chapter 2/Solution

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2Fa - Solution (author: Tao Yue, state: unchanged) <delphi> (* Author: Tao Yue

  Date:      19 June 1997
     Find the sum and average of five predefined numbers
     1.0 - original version
     2.0 - read in data from keyboard
  • )

program SumAverage;


  NumberOfIntegers = 5;


  A, B, C, D, E : integer;
  Sum : integer;
  Average : real;

begin (* Main *)

  write ('Enter the first number: ');
  readln (A);
  write ('Enter the second number: ');
  readln (B);
  write ('Enter the third number: ');
  readln (C);
  write ('Enter the fourth number: ');
  readln (D);
  write ('Enter the fifth number: ');
  readln (E);
  Sum := A + B + C + D + E;
  Average := Sum / 5;
  writeln ('Number of integers = ', NumberOfIntegers);
  writeln ('Number1:', A:8);
  writeln ('Number2:', B:8);
  writeln ('Number3:', C:8);
  writeln ('Number4:', D:8);
  writeln ('Number5:', E:8);
  writeln ('================');
  writeln ('Sum:', Sum:12);
  writeln ('Average:', Average:10:1);

end. </delphi>

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