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  • l := pl^; //this can also generate error l := unaligned(pl^); //it is ok
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  • Official repository: [ GitHub]. The development is going there, FPC package is following this repo with some delay. Version * Support Unicode categories: \pL \p{L} \p{Lu}, with negative \P.
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  • FPC are deja documentaţie pentru utilizatori în diverse formate, dar [[FPC development|informaţiile pentru dezvoltatori, informaţii organizatorice]] şi subiect ..., adăugări şi alte planuri pot fi găsite pe pagina dedicată [[Lazarus Development Process|procesului de dezvoltare]]. Versiunile lansate pentru IDE-ul Lazaru
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  • FPC already has good user documentation in several formats, but [[FPC development|FPC developer information, organizational information]] and subjects not ye ...arus IDE website]. Ideas, todos, and other plans can be found at [[Lazarus Development Process‎]] page. Releases of the Lazarus IDE and FreePascal compiler can
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