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  • {{Note| On Linux Ubuntu at least, the command to start Lazarus from a console is "startlazarus". Other Several windows will appear on the desktop: the Main Menu at the top, the 'Object Inspector' on the left, the 'Source Editor' occupying
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  • ...has been made, the applications or components can be offered for download at the [ sourceforg Current snapshots (for die hards only) are at
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  • [[User:VlxAdmin|Tom Lisjac]] ...nses/lgpl-license.php LGPL] (please contact the author if the LGPL doesn't work with your project licensing)
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  • This page is about how to port or convert existing Delphi or Kylix code to work with the [[Free Pascal]] Compiler and Lazarus IDE. While Lazarus and the Fr comparisons available to help clarify how the various types of licenses work and what impact they'll have on code they're linked to. Search for "open so
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  • ...u byť spojené s tlačítkom. Tieto zahŕňajú OnClick, OnEnter, OnExit atď. Vyberte políčko vpravo od OnClick: objaví sa malé tlačítko s tromi ...Main Menu) so zvyčajnými položkami pre funkcie File, Edit, Search, View atď, spolu s niektorými možnosťami, ktoré sú špecifické pre Lazarus.
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  • ...ving created the page - category not updated. Whereas, adding the category AT THE TIME of page creation - category is updated. [[User:Trev|Trev]] ([[User ...any problems, please notify the site administrator" <<-- the link to poor Tom is way out of date - he says he has not been the Admin since the days when
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  • # -Ratt read AT&T style assembler # All assembler blocks are AT&T styled by default
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  • ...gen Funktionen enthält, aber Optionen wie Find Declaration oder Open File at Cursor. The top of the Source Editor window has a number of tabs, correspo ...ltaneously, and they will all be opened in the Source Editor (but only one at a time will be displayed). This Menu Option is rather like the Project ->
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  • ...1.9. Você pode verificar analisando a saída de "ppc386 -i". Se for 1.9.3 até 2.0.x está bem. 3. Construir: vá para work/fpc/ e execute:
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  • ...people will contact you and you can arrange the terms of this development work. ...ere commercial application developers can receive professional support and at the same time be able to contribute back to the community.
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  • ...ed between two controls aligned properly, and allows resizing between them at runtime, regardless its own size. It must have two controls aligned on each ...ause the VCL lacks a feature or for speed reasons. Such things will seldom work the same under the LCL, so they must be checked manually. That's why LCL me
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  • ...<p>If you type this new value into the Source Editor and then look back at the Form Designer, you will see that the button on the Form has taken the n ...d at the top and using the full available width), alBottom, alLeft (placed at the left and using the full available height), alRight. alNone (place anywh
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  • * '''Открыть имя файла под курсором (Open filename at cursor)''': Открывает файл, имя которого выдел
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  • - tom (tom proposal)
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  • Current snapshots (for die hards only) are at At current stage it simply compile and install into IDE.
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  • You can get the installer zip for fpc 2.2.0 at Free Pascal's download section, the 2. (extract) Then de-tgz in work directory,
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  • ...statement marked, then skips the marked statement, and continues execution at normal speed. Useful in trying to isolate a statement that introduces a log At present this has three selections:
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  • ...are large guidelines (contrary to linux and windows where only a few keys work the same under all programs). |Cmd-E||find word at cursor||incremental find||find is smart to auto use word at cursor. incremental find.
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  • ...s (contrary to Linux and Windows where only a few keys are standardised to work the same under all programs). |Cmd-E||find word at cursor||incremental find||find is smart to auto use word at cursor. incremental find.
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  • At the lazarus downloads section ( ) you can ...basis, and reflect the state of the source repository. The files are kept at the site which has the SVN archive.
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