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SplashAbout is a Lazarus visual component. It installs on the 'Additional' component palette.

  • Author: minesadorada@charcodelvalle.com
  • New version: 1.4.3 - June 2014

Property page screenshot

splashabout properties143.png


  • If you are fed up of coding splash and about dialogs for minor apps - this component is the easy way to give your apps a good appearance with minimum effort and easy individualisation.
    • When starting a new application, just drop the component onto your form, and in the Form.Create() method, call SplashAbout1.ShowSplash. This will display a splash dialog. Setting a few easy properties will personalise your splash screen.
    • In your Help/About handler, call SplashAbout1.ShowAbout. This will display an 'About' dialog for your application. The 'About' dialog can show buttons to display a 'Licence' dialog and/or a 'Credits' dialog (with scrolling text)
  • All dialogs are constructed 'on-the-fly' and destroyed when closed. Thus few extra resources are added to your application.
  • For really minimal resource use, the component can optionally use only external files (deployed with your executable)


  • Optional shaped splash screen (not Linux) Some built-in shapes or use your own.
  • Splash screen can be a jpg with transparent mask (see example app included)
  • Can automatically display application version numbers
  • Can automatically display LCL/FPC build information
  • Can display standard GPL,LGPL,MIT or ModifiedGPL licenses with personalised text
  • Able to display splash until ApplicationIdle event (default is fixed number of seconds)
  • Able to display scrolling Credits window (Like the Lazarus IDE 'About' dialog)
  • Optional pre-splash 'Powered By Lazarus' graphic

How to use in your code

  • Drop a SplashAbout component onto your main form (From the 'Additional' components palette)
  • In the Form.Create event
   procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  • In your 'About' button click event
   procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  • There are lots of properties to tweak - see the example app included in the archive for ideas
  • See the SplashAbout/Advanced_Use page for detailed information


SplashAbout is issued under an LGPL license. Use it as you wish; improve it as you will. (but please give credit)


Click to download: splashabout zipped files

Full source code, readme and example apps (Windows and Linux) are included in the archive.


  • Create a new folder in your lazarus/components folder, and unzip into it
  • Install via the Lazarus IDE. (Open splashabout.lpk, then compile and install)
  • The new component will be installed in the 'Additional' component palette.


  • Lazarus 0.9x/1.x/fpc 2.x
  • Windows and Linux
  • Tested on Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit builds) and Linux 32-bit


Version 1.4.3


Email the author with any queries

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