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The Standard tab on the Component Palette lists elementary components for use on a form.


Ikona Komponent Opis Dokumenty online
tmainmenu.png TMainMenu menu at the top of the form Link
tpopupmenu.png TPopupMenu context menu that may popup on predefined events, usually by a click with the right mouse button Link
tbutton.png TButton displays a button with a caption. Link
tlabel.png TLabel descriptive text field, not editable Link
tedit.png TEdit single-line text edit field Link
tmemo.png TMemo multi-line text edit field Link
ttogglebox.png TToggleBox two-state labeled button. Similar to TButton, but stays pressed after the click and is released by the next click. Link
tcheckbox.png TCheckBox ON/OFF button indicating the ON state by means of a checkmark Link
tradiobutton.png TRadioButton ON/OFF button to be used in conjunction with other TRadioButtons such that only one of them can be ON. Link
tlistbox.png TListBox shows a list of strings from which the user can make a selection Link
tcombobox.png TComboBox combination of an edit field with a connected drop down list to choose from. Link
tscrollbar.png TScrollBar allows the user to scroll the content of an associated control by moving an slider. Link
tgroupbox.png TGroupBox container that allows several objects to be grouped physically and conceptually Link
tradiogroup.png TRadioGroup group of related but mutually exclusive TRadioButtons, requiring the user to select one of a set of alternatives. It's like a TGroupBox with integrated TRadioButtons Link
tcheckgroup.png TCheckGroup group of TCheckBox items physically and logically grouped together on a container component. Link
tpanel.png TPanel visible container for other components Link
tframe.png TFrame container for components that can be embedded into forms or other frames Link
tactionlist.png TActionList list of TActions to centralize menu/mouse/keyboard handling Link

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