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TAChart is a charting LGPL component for Lazarus (TeeChart like). It contains the functions that Philippe Martinole developed for the TeleAuto project and lots of changes introduced by Luis Rodrigues while porting the Epanet application from Delphi to Lazarus. The code was then extensively rewritten, expanded and is now maintained by Alexander Klenin.

If you have questions, bug reports or feature requests, please post them to the Lazarus mailing list or TAChart board of the Lazarus forum.


Most of TAChart features are demonstrated by examples located in (Lazarus Install Dir)/components/tachart/demo/ Some classes and properties are documented by FPDoc. TAChart documentation contains high-level description of most of TAChart concepts and features.

For beginners, following tutorials may be helpful:


  • 15+ different series, including pie, bar, area, line and point series
  • Function series with domain support
  • Unlimited number of series, points and axises on a graph
  • Flexible chart sources, including design-time editable, random, dynamic and db-aware sources.
  • Graph legend, title and footer
  • Axis labels and marks, manually set or auto-generated
  • Axis inversion, independent scale and offset, logarithmic scale
  • Interactive tools, including zoom, panning and crosshairs
  • Automatic or manual graph limits
  • Smart marks drawing
  • Easily extensible with new series types
  • Output to SVG, OpenGL, printer, WMF, AggPas, BGRABitmap, fpvectorial
  • Can be used in non-GUI applications, such as web services
  • In active development, see roadmap


Here is an example of TAChart displaying a Line Series, Bar Series and Pie Series



Luís Rodrigues, Philippe Martinole, Alexander Klenin


The latest stable release can be found on the in the Lazarus SVN repository (The components are on the Chart Tab)

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