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The embedded target is still under development and only a few controllers are supported. Nevertheless, it's possible to create programs for embedded arm devices.

Embedded port


    • usefull support is only available in 2.3.1 from svn
    • currently only arm-embedded is supported
    • supported controllers are limited to Philips LPC controllers

ARM Embedded


Get latest FPC from svn:

 svn co fpc

Get arm-embedded binutils.

For windows, they are available at You can either checkout the whole directory with or download only arm-embedded-ar.exe, arm-embedded-as.exe, arm-embedded-ld.exe, arm-embedded-strip.exe, arm-embedded-objdump.exe and arm-embedded-objcopy.exe manually. Put these utils in a directory included in your path.

Build FPC for arm-embedded:

 cd fpc
 make clean buildbase installbase CROSSINSTALL=1 OS_TARGET=embedded CPU_TARGET=arm

This builds only the compiler and the rtl instead of the whole FPC. Because of the limited capabilities of the embedded systems supposed to be used, building all packages is not usefull.