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Note from the Editor

I was so free to call it Object Pascal Tutorial, since I had to find an other file name, not to overwrite the original put there by Tom. I think Object Pascal Tutorial wil be a better name as we will enhance it in the future. ;-)

I have converted the latest version from Tao Yue's website to Wiki.
My idea is to first convert the whole tutorial to wiki (which has been completed), and later start to change/add things, so one can see, using the the Wiki History Tools, what was changed to Tao Yue's original.

Every Wiki page has a discussion area linked to it, so let's use it.

The color syntax highlighting for the code was done using the code2html plugin for jEdit.


Cluttering of main name space

I would like to move all pages of this tutorial to a common prefix. It’s been suggested in the forum. To be honest, it’s a big task though, especially ensuring everything works perfectly afterwards. Is it OK if some things will break temporarily? I’m also asking for people also checking all pages after the overhaul. ‑‑Kai Burghardt (talk) 04:03, 28 January 2022 (CET)