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I want to come up the following for discussion:

From my point the database related pages in the wiki need a reorganisation. Currently it's not easy to get an overview and some information is contained several times.

Therefore I suggest to create a welcome page (e.g. the Databases page or the Lazarus Database Tutorial page). This page should contain:

The reorganisation means, that some pages can stay unchanged but other pages would need to be changed. Please let me know your opinions.

--Swen 20:47, 22 Apr 2006 (CEST)

Where should the databases page be ?

The 'Database' pages doesn't seem to be linked except from the databases tutorial. It seems to me that it should be at a high level, eg on the lazarus documentation page (unless I have just missed it ?) I would like to add some more database documentation, but I am not currently sure where to put it. Probably off the 'Database' page would be best. However, I am new to editing wiki, and don't feel like changing near-top-level stuff in my first foray. (call me a coward if you like!)