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How do I donate money to lazarus?

Does anyone know ?

Currently, the way to donate money for Lazarus is to pay someone to implement something missing on Lazarus (or to fix a bug). More information here: Bounties --Sekelsenmat 13:35, 14 November 2006 (CET)

Can I set the user interface to multiple document view instead of multiple top-level documents?

Does anyone know? I would prefer a Multiple document interface (or rather an IDE-style interface). // Liftarn

It is not possible. At least not yet. It seems the problem is that some windows aren't dockable yet. // Liftarn

On the mailing list Al Boldi said something about the "TStudio layout". "It doesn't use the docking subsystem, because that still needs some work, but it statically docks the complete IDE, with variable splitters, as a stop-gap solution. I even have a new version lined up, that supports docking non-modal dialogs like the Search Window, and the debug windows." // Liftarn

Size part is false

The graph (and surrounding text) of the binary size part is wrong. Lazarus apps do have a quick growth, but it doesn't remain linear, above 1.5-3MB, extra code is less likely to pull in new components, and the quick growth subsides. (see also size matters)

A correct graph would grow with the same inclination as C++ above 3MB.

Also, the heavier growth of C++ is a bit false. This only happens when STL is used in extreme forms.

Customizing component palette?


Is there a way to customize the Lazarus component palette in terms of tab-names, tab-order and merging tabs that only contain one or two components. I installed a larger number of additional packages that resulted in and endless palette that is really difficult to handle. Thanks in advance for any help on the matter. --chris 10:28, 9 April 2008 (CEST)

Italian FAQ traslation

I would like to translate from english and write the Italian version of Lazarus FAQ; I know Wiki software well (contributed to since 2004), but how do I create a "Italian" tab on the topmostpart of the page? Thanks in advance --Kormoran 03:44, 31 January 2011 (CET)