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  • Based on the current real Main_Page / See also SANDBOX/mfrmain (mock up / entirely DUMMY text/images) :
    • Create 2 columns for Fpc/Lazarus
    • Replace "About" by introduction to each project (Fpc/Lazarus) with project logos (see #Tomas1)
      • Drop the "about this wiki" part of the info. (see #Tomas2)
    • Keep and split into 2 columns the sections for: Download, Doc, Contact (MailList, Forum, IRC(?), Bugtracker), Contributing (Keep short, link to relevant pages)
      • Contributing replaces "Who is working on what". Links to roadmaps, developer pages, ....
    • Rename "References, Links and Resources" to "Featured pages from our wiki"
      • Move "Active projects" to this section.
      • Create (a) Page(s) / Find existing Page(s) for "Super sites and links farm", "Presenting ... at shows/contests" and "Marketing Case Studies". Maybe link from this section
      • Review, if the galleries could benefit from some short textual descriptions....
  • Style
    • IMHO table header style from the "portal style" looks could.
    • IMHO content parts of the table may be better in white, but not opposed to other ideas...


Tomas1: Note that introduction of the projects as such belongs to the main WWW sites of the respective projects, not the wiki - just add a link there and that's it. There should be introduction to the type of information which is supposed to be available in the Wiki. This may be either split per project or kept together - see #Tomas2 below.
Tomas2: If the type of information available for the two projects differs a lot, it may indeed be split to project-specific parts. If the difference is not as big or there's at least a common pattern, having this pattern briefly described in a single place above the details for the two projects (similar to current About, but somewhat shorter and without things like links to Lazarus history) would still make sense to me. However I don't consider it as somthing critical.

Trev: some information could be moved to the lefthand navigation bar - eg:

Free Pascal
  Downloads (Laz+FPC)
  Packages (OPM)
  Latest SVN

Talking of the navbar, I'd suggest dropping the Index and Random page entries, and relocating the Recent changes to the lefthand tools box. Trev (talk) 10:47, 12 February 2020 (CET)

Please keep Random page. Recently changed IMHO belongs to navigation. --Bart (talk) 15:06, 12 February 2020 (CET)