Unicode Latin-1 supplement characters

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  • Basic Latin 0000–007F is identical to ASCII

Latin-1 Supplement

UTF-8 byte Sequences
Code points 1st byte 2nd byte Description
  U+00A0   $C2   $A0     No-break space
  U+00A1   $C2   $A1   ¡   Inverted exclamation mark
  U+00A2   $C2   $A2   ¢   Cent sign
  U+00A3   $C2   $A3   £   Pound sign
  U+00A4   $C2   $A4   ¤   Currency sign
  U+00A5   $C2   $A5   ¥   Yen sign
  U+00A6   $C2   $A6   ¦   Broken bar
  U+00A7   $C2   $A7   §   Section sign
  U+00A8   $C2   $A8   ¨   Diaeresis
  U+00A9   $C2   $A9   ©   Copyright sign
  U+00AA   $C2   $AA   ª   Feminine ordinal indicator
  U+00AB   $C2   $AB   «   Left-pointing double angle quotation mark
  U+00AC   $C2   $AC   ¬   Not sign
  U+00AD   $C2   $AD     Soft hyphen
  U+00AE   $C2   $AE   ®   Registered sign
  U+00AF   $C2   $AF   ¯   Macron
  U+00B0   $C2   $B0   °   Degree symbol
  U+00B1   $C2   $B1   ±   Plus-minus sign
  U+00B2   $C2   $B2   ²   Superscript two
  U+00B3   $C2   $B3   ³   Superscript three
  U+00B4   $C2   $B4   ´   Acute accent
  U+00B5   $C2   $B5   µ   Micro sign
  U+00B6   $C2   $B6   ¶   Pilcrow sign
  U+00B7   $C2   $B7   ·   Middle dot
  U+00B8   $C2   $B8   ¸   Cedilla
  U+00B9   $C2   $B9   ¹   Superscript one
  U+00C4   $C3   $84   Ä     Latin capital letter a with diaeresis  
  U+00C5   $C3   $84   Å   Latin capital letter a with ring above  
  U+00D6   $C3   $96   Ö   Latin capital letter o with diaeresis  
  U+00E4   $C3   $A4   ä   Latin small letter a with diaeresis  
  U+00E5   $C3   $A5   å   Latin small letter a with ring above  
  U+00F6   $C3   $B6   ö   Latin small letter o with diaeresis  

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