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Keith Bowes

Short Bio

Hello, my name is Keith Bowes. I love Pascal and the Free Pascal compiler. I worked on the Win32 interface for Lazarus from 2001-2003. I then started work on a feed reader for the jocular RSS 3.0 format, later extended to other formats, in PHP from 2003-2005. I started rewriting it in Object Pascal in 2005, though I don't work on it as often as I probably should.

I'm currently going to college to be a computer programmer. Gone are the days where I can just sit down and code all day, but I'm sure they'll be back (though not necessarily what I want to code). I'll probably leave knowing more than what I went in knowing (I remember leaving Lazarus when I became totally stumped and didn't know how to take the port any further).

The socialization part of college has been really tough, facing that I'm really a very unlikable person. So, I've been working more and more on coding lately and not worrying so much about not being able to have friends and such like everybody else. I'm much happier being the 24/7 computer geek.

What I'd like to work on

Note that this is what I'd like to work on, not what I will do (see above about my laziness):

  • Support for character data in SAX
  • Extended Pascal features
    • Modules (better than units)
    • Schema types
    • The value keyword (I like it and wouldn't be hard to implement)
    • Conformant arrays
  • the by keyword from Modula-2 (come on, even BASIC had step)
  • A version of the repeat loop that's more consistent with the rest of the language:
until condition do