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My main interests are Lazarus LCL and IDE development.

Wiki pages started by me:

  1. Theme library
  2. Lazarus known issues (things that will never be fixed)
  3. Lazarus 0.9.24 release notes
  4. Property attributes
  5. Lazarus 0.9.26 todo
  6. Developer pages
  7. Lazarus Development Process
  8. How to become Lazarus developer (committer)
  9. for-in loop
  10. delphi language features which fpc does not have
  11. class extensions examples
  12. Lazarus 0.99.0 release notes

Once I was tired from Lazarus and made a few compiler changes to understand it internals better and to make FPC more compatible with recent Delphi language.

My compiler/rtl changes:

  1. sealed and abstract classes
  2. final methods
  3. fix of showing library hint (library modifier was understood by compiler but it gave no warning message)
  4. fix to make TObject.Dispact, TObject.DispatchStr virtual
  5. deprecated hint extension to support deprecated message (like deprecated 'because it is old and unsupported anymore')
  6. writing TObject.ClassInfo for classes with no RTTI
  7. new D2009 TObject methods: Equals, GetHashCode, UnitName, ToString
  8. for-in loop
  9. "class var", "var", "type", "const" section in classes, class properties, nested classes
  10. Enumeration.Element syntax support and {$SCOPEDENUM ON/OFF} directive
  11. Advanced records
  12. some work on generics