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General Comments

      • FEEL FREE TO CHANGE IT, but avoid deleting prior contents ***

"Smace helps converting the epikwiki pages to mediawiki." - Vincent Snijders

"Smace is too helpful (sometimes)" - Andrew Haines :-D

...And complains about SQLDB to Loesje always he can. This is the why Loesje seems angry all the time :-)

21 fev (my birthday :) ... Vincent told me why Loesje is angry with Smace. Smace has changed his Profile in Wiki. better not change his profile anymore...


Full Name: Sérgio Marcelo

IRC Nick: Smace

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Knowlegment: Firebird, Delphi, Lazarus (recent), PHP, JEDI-SDL

Home Page:


The Tank Game -> (Windows and Linux Binaries + Source Code + SDL Libraries 4 Win)