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I am a regular in the #fpc IRC Channel and an enthusiastic supporter of free pascal.

Most of my pascal code is available for free on github:

  • tangentlabs repo contains a whole bunch of small pascal examples and experiments. Some especially fun ones (which may or may not require fpc 2.7.1 from the svn trunk):
    • GoGoSDL.pas is a basic demo of using SDL (1.x) from fpc, intended as a template for quickly creating SDL apps.
    • zenglagg.pas shows how to use AggPas to dynamically create smooth vector images for use as sprites in ZenGL.
    • arrayprops.pas shows how to override the bracket operator so you can say things like grid[5,3]; or even dict['strings as keys'];.
    • xpathdemo.pas shows how to use xpath.
    • dispatch.pas is a hopefully entertaining look at various approaches to dynamic dispatch/multimethods. (Short answer: dynamic dispatch semantics are possible in fpc, but require complicated setup or creative use of exceptions.)
    • hofmap.pas shows how to implement higher order functions as class methods in a generic class. (Probably requires trunk.)
    • funops demonstrates another style of higher order function based on function composition. In particular, it shows how to implement J-style hooks and forks.
    • jcolor.pas and [1] implement a hand-written syntax highlighter for java.
    • helpers.pas demonstrates how to use helpers, by adding some python-style methods to pascal strings.