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I discovered FP quite a long time ago, and found it an intriguing project. Having TP experience along with some Delphi, I could remember enough to do some simple programming with it and I was pretty impressed with it. Now it's even better, and I use it a lot on my Linux machine.

So I'm thinking, maybe it would be nice to have it on the new, really fast laptop running Windows, just for quick utilities and such that would be too cumbersome for a VBScript or similar. Having a nice tidy executable is generally much quicker, for one, and I find them somewhat easier to maintain most of the time. After installing FP on the Vista machine, I tried making a little unit right quick, and went through the options to set everything up as needed/wanted. First time I try to compile, I get a message about a compiler switch, like -Opentium3 I think, which I had just deleted from the Compiler options and saved the file. I went to the options again, and there it was back again! So I deleted it AGAIN and proceed to compile. STILL no go, and this time it was "cannot open file {path\to\file}\fp.cfg", which I thought was strange. Checked for the file, it's there. Tried to open and check the file, can't do it, it is being used by another process! Well, which process is hogging it, and is this a bug or something I'm missing? I closed the IDE, and was then able to open the fg.cfg file, which looked fine to me.

On trying to compile from the command line, I had better luck, it's just a pain to have to set up the switches when we HAVE an IDE that should work right. Oh well, I'll keep plugging along..