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Developing KDE/QT Applications with Lazarus/FPC

How stable is KDE/QT bindings or interfaces in FreePascal? I'm interested in developing cross-platform FreePascal applications targeting the KDE/QT platform as an abstraction layer. I have long been a fan of KDE and the underlying QT architecture, even if the many components of QT and how the C code all communicates between processes and libraries is all arcana to me.

I should not need to comprehend the internal structure and innards of KDE/QT to write applications for it, however, that is the point of QT as I understand it. I love KDE and QT, and want to support it as a programmer, but I cannot wrap my head around C. However, FreePascal object pascal makes so much sense to me; it is intuitive and just clicks with me, if that makes any sense.

I love KDE, and believe in it, and I love FreePascal/Delphi, and I want to develop cross-platform applications using both. My question is, how stable are QT-FPC bindings, and is there a tutorial specifically explaining how to make simple GUI windows with freepascal/delphi and kde/qt? Thank you in advance for your time and patience, I can see you participate in many projects and are a core developer in a few, so I don't want to waste your time, but I don't see the resources and documentation I seek, so I can't RTFM. I can only RTFM if a manual actually exists.

As a reciprocation, I'd jump at the chance at having the privilege of writing tutorials, manuals, documentation and wiki articles on how to use the QT4 and QT5 bindings in Lazarus and FreePascal. I'm only recently learning how to program more elaborate applications in FPC, but I loved the rush and sense of accomplishment when I built my HelloWorld.exe. If I can build *.exe windows executables, I can build *.dll executables, and if I can build DLLs, I can contribute meaningfully to KDE. I would love to be capable of contributing meaningfully to projects I believe in and strongly desire to support.

Any help would be appreciated deeply and sincerely.

-- Coyo 18:02, 24 January 2014 (CET)

I can be contacted via email at <coyo[at]>. I can also be contacted via jabber at coyo[at]