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Several libraries are available for embedding video playback within Lazarus applications. These range from simple to complex.


Library Source Platforms Notes
DSPack Windows only DirectShow library. Although the DSPack can be simple to use, this offers complex low level functionality as well.

Video Playback is dependent upon correct Codecs being installed on the end-user system A more up to date version, that compiles against FPC 2.7.1, is available with the CodeTyphon installation

libvlc Included with FPC 2.7.1 as an optional package Any platform supported by VLC Currently only available in FPC Trunk

Video Playback is dependent upon VLC being installed on the end-user system.

PasLibVLC Any platform supported by VLC A mature package that also installs under various Delphi's.

Video Playback is dependent upon VLC being installed on the end-user system.

FFmpeg Any platform supported by FFmpeg Old FPC headers are available with the FFmpeg source code. Assorted open source applications have improved these headers over the years, but there appears to be no maintainer for these updated headers.

Read before distributing FFmpeg.

TMPlayerControl Lazarus-CCR X/GTK2 & Windows Simple to use.

mplayer can be easily bundled with your application, however mplayer uses FFmpeg and the legal licensing warning at could also apply. It is recommended that the end-user install mplayer on their system instead of it being distributed with your application.

Video for Windows Windows 16bit or 32bit The SysRec application demostrates capturing and playing video streams from TV cards and webcams under Windows the VFW API.

Video for Windows (VFW) was created for Win 3.1, and though deprecated in favour of DirectShow, is still available under modern 32bit Windows.

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