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(Bug reporting / Feature request)
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=== Bug reporting / Feature request ===
=== Bug reporting / Feature request ===
[http://avl.ath.cx/mantis/ Bug Reporting/Featurerequest] (dyn-dns-page seems to be offline)
[http://bugs.freepascal.org/my_view_page.php Bug Reporting/Featurerequest]
=== Change Log ===
=== Change Log ===

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VirtualTreeview is a treeview control built from ground up.

Its main characteristics are :

  • it is extremely fast. Adding one million nodes takes only ~700 milliseconds
  • very small memory foot print. by only allocating about 60 bytes per node
  • optimized for high speed access. It takes as few as 0.5 seconds to traverse one million nodes
  • Multiselection is supported
  • Drawing the entire tree to a bitmap or the printer is supported
  • fixed background image can be used
  • Hot style for nodes is supported
  • Nodes can have individual heights
  • Sorting via compare callback
  • using Unicode/wide strings exclusively
  • Multiple columns are supported
  • ... and many more

The download contains the component, an installation package and a simple demo application, that illustrates the basic usage of the component.

This component was designed for cross-platform applications.



Author: Mike Lischke
LCL Port: Joerg Thaler,Christian Ulrich


LGPL or Mozilla Public Licence 1.1


The latest stable release can be found on the Lazarus CCR Files page.

(The latest Version virtualtreeview- does not compile under the latest lazarus 0.9.24+. You have to use the svn-version, where the problems are fixed!)


you can checkout the actual source from


commandline to do this is

svn co https://lazarus-ccr.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/lazarus-ccr/components/virtualtreeview

Bug reporting / Feature request

Bug Reporting/Featurerequest

Change Log

  • 12.03.2006 Some fixes for Lazarus compatibility > 0.9.13
  • 02.11.2005 TWorkerThread is working now
  • 08.10.2005 first Fixes for Header

Complete Changelog can be found at Main VirtualTreeview Page

Dependencies / System Requirements

  • FPC 2.0.0 or newer
  • Lazarus 0.9.8

Status: Beta

Issues: Tested on Windows,Linux. Needs testing on MacOS.


  • Create the directory lazarus\components\virtualtreeview
  • On this directory, unzip the files from the zip file
  • Open lazarus
  • Open the package virtualtreeslcl.lpk with Component/Open package file (.lpk)
  • (Click on Compile only if you don't want to install the component into the IDE)
  • Click on Install


Can be found at Main VirtualTreeview Page