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Compiling the compiler

Get the sources:

svn checkout https://svn.freepascal.org/svn/fpc/branches/wasm/ fpc-wasm

enter the directory:

cd fpc-wasm


make -C compiler wasm32

Using Lazarus

open ppcwasm32.lpi

hit the "compile" button.

Using command-line
make -C compiler wasm32

Using the compiler

You need a system.pas unit. It can be found here:


You'll also need the wasm bin tools:

wasm bin tools

Extract the binaries and put them somewhere in your PATH.

You'll also need the wasmtool:


  • Compile wasmtool.lpi

Put wasmtool somewhere in your PATH

And finally you need wasm-ld (don't confuse it with wasmld).

  • Download the llvm-9 release, and put the bin/ldd as wasmld in your PATH.

Hint: If your fpc.cfg has


Enclose it in #IFNDEF CPUWASM :

#ifndef cpuwasm

Otherwise, you have to create symlinks wasm-wasm-wasmld to wasmld, and wasm-wasm-wasmtool to wasmtool.


Wasm-demo is a Pascal WebAssembly demo project, ported Google's C WebAssembly example (https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/web-assembly-intro)

You follow these steps in order to get the demo project working:

1. Get the project sources: https://github.com/skalogryz/wasm-demo

Using in webassembly.studio

2. Run the wasm compiler against lyff.pas, but request the assembler file to be kept

 pp -a lyff.pas

Webassembly.studio accepts the assembler file and would compile it on the server side.

3. open up https://webassembly.studio and select "Create empty Wat Project". The project will consist of:


All files of the project can be edited through the web interface.

4. Copy and paste the contents of the following files:

(compiled) lyff.wat to main.wat.
wasm-demo\webassembly.studio\main.html to main.html
wasm-demo\webassembly.studio\main.js to main.js

Note: every time you copy and paste, don't forget to press "SAVE" button (on the right side of the web interface)

5. once all files are update, hit "Build and Run"

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