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This article applies to Windows only.

See also: Multiplatform Programming Guide


This is helper unit win32menustyler, which helps to theme TMainMenu/TPopupMenu for Lazarus Windows apps. Sometimes app has dark theme, so it's needed to make TMainMenu also dark.


About other OS: GitHub repo has cross-platform "lazmenustyler" unit, but it don't give any effect on gtk2 demo app. And it should not work on macOS, macOS has very special theming and menu is located on the screen top.

What it paints for menu items:

  • background, caption, normal+disabled
  • checked state, also for RadioItems
  • shortcut
  • sub-menu arrow

What is not supported:

  • icons of menu items (patch welcome)
  • horizontal 1 pixel white line under menu bar (non-client area, cannot render it)

Author: Alexey Torgashin

License: MPL 2.0 or LGPL


  • add win32menustyler to "uses"
  • in form's OnShow, call:
    • MenuStyler.ApplyToForm(Self, False) to theme MainMenu
    • MenuStyler.ApplyToMenu() for all needed PopupMenus
  • when needed to apply different colors later:
    • change them in global theme var
    • call MenuStyler.ApplyToForm(Self, True): second param should be True here, this forces form's resize to repaint the menu bar
    • not needed to call again MenuStyler.ApplyToMenu() for PopupMenus
  • to cancel theming, call MenuStyler.ResetForm() and MenuStyler.ResetMenu()

Unit gives global var to change all theming details:

  TWin32MenuStylerTheme = record
    ColorBk: TColor;
    ColorBkSelected: TColor;
    ColorFont: TColor;
    ColorFontDisabled: TColor;
    ColorFontShortcut: TColor;
    CharCheckmark: WideChar;
    CharRadiomark: WideChar;
    FontName: string;
    FontSize: integer;
    IndentMinPercents: integer;
    IndentBigPercents: integer;
    IndentRightPercents: integer;

  MenuStylerTheme: TWin32MenuStylerTheme;